Pelican Hotel Bamenda is located within easy reach of the renowned cultural attractions and dynamic lifestyle of the Bafut, Mankon, Bali, Banso and Kom Fondoms with the beautiful, historic palace of Bafut and various festivals coming up at different times of the year at these locations.

Douala: This is Cameroon's largest city. It is here that the Ngondo festival is held every year. The festival lasts ten days, end on the first sunday  in December. This include a canoe race. For more info click here:____

Bamoun :The Ngoun Festival is held every second year in December. The Sultan-King of Bamoun is sitting on his ornate throne, framed by huge elephant tusks. On the page opposite (lower row) the guard's shield features a double headed serpent, which depicts the kingdom's continuing vigilance in keeping its enemies at bay in a two front war. The next photo is of local officials in their colorful regalia. The final photo shows the guards and guests in line with the Bamoun palace in the background.

Mankon, Bamenda
Mankon Palace 
Mankon The week of 

Bafut Kingdom
Bafut Palace
The Handicraft center in Bafut and Bali

Annual Dance and Cultural Festival of :
Bafut The week of December 25





History and Description of the Cameroonian Grassfields

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